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In this course, you  will

  1. Identify opportunities, manage change and develop deep visibility into your organization
  2. Understand the terminology and jargon of analytics, business intelligence, and statistics
  3. Learn a wealth of practical applications for applying data analysis capability
  4. Visualize both data and the results of your analysis for straightforward graphical presentation to stakeholders
  5. Learn to estimate more accurately than ever, while accounting for variance, error, and Confidence Intervals
  6. Practice creating a valuable array of plots and charts to reveal hidden trends and patterns in your data
  7. Differentiate between "signal" and "noise" in your data
  8. Understand and leverage different distribution models, and how each applies in the real world
  9. Form and test hypotheses – use multiple methods to define and interpret useful predictions
  10. Learn about statistical inference and drawing conclusions about the population

Data Analyst Training

₹25,000.00 Regular Price
₹18,750.00Sale Price
  • Total Duration : 25 Hours

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